Never Stop Growing


 You may be shocked to hear but farming is really f*$%ing hard. In a dry summer, there is a strong chance your farmers tears watered the crop. Thankfully, if the need to farm exists, it will persist.

 Just like Nature herself, all things must adapt and evolve to thrive. And one of the most beautiful realities of choosing a career in agriculture is the necessity to continue learning. 

So, this season, Avium Flowers is taking her dusty boots to a pocket of land in Hebron, IL and joining Sandbox Organics to take a hand at growing flowers in a larger and more impactful way. We may not be city-grown, but all of our blooms will be city-bound. Still sustainably grown, still fresh as can be, just for you.

We are still offering our summer flower shares for the season 2018 with new pick up sites and purchasing options! Please visit Sandbox Organics to learn more.


Getting married? Hosting an event? Want to send a surprise bouquet? Full service design is available. Currently booking for 2018 and 2019.

 Please direct your inquiries to


Why Local Flowers

Current flower industry statistics are appalling. Approximately 80% blooms in the US are shipped in from foreign countries, most covered in massive amounts of pesticides and preservatives, as well as wrapped in paper, cardboard and cellophane, in order to last the journey from farm, to distributor, to grocery store, and finally to your home or business.

Avium Flowers wants you to experience cut-flowers at their finest. We are proud to provide Chicago with fresh floral that is fragrant and long lasting, because we literally just cut it for you. Buying our locally grown flowers, you are supporting safe and sustainable growing practices, lessening your carbon footprint, and saving valuable resources. Each stem strengthens a conscious consumer economy and a vibrant local community.